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The Municipal Police Officers’ Education & Training Commission was established in 1974 to set certification and training standards for police officers employed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania by municipalities. Regulations published from the Act 120 statute guide the process for determining eligibility for certification and standardize the basic academy and annual in-service training curriculum provided to all certified police officers.

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Reinstatement of Certification

The Municipal Police Officers' Education and Training Commission approved the issuance of policy by the Executive Director, establishing standards and guidelines for the reinstatement of certification. Standards and Guidelines are found in Policy Statement 2012-05, Consideration for Reinstatement of Certification. Guidelines are to be read before completing and submitting the  Application for Reinstatement.

Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2010 (LEOSA)

The Commission approved the Preamble to Proposed  Rulemaking and Annex A   amending Title 37 of the Pennsylvania Code providing a regulation change to the Retired Law Enforcement Identification Act (RLEIA) to conform to the amended definition  of a qualified retired law  enforcement officer found in the Federal Law Enforcement Officers’ Safety Act (LEOSA) and RLEIA.   The regulatory change reduces the years-of-service requirement for    qualified retired officers  from 15 to 10  years.   However, since a  proposed  change  takes  substantial  time to complete,   the  Commission  authorized   the Executive Director to take all  steps necessary  to  implement any change  or policy needed  allowing  retired officers eligible under LEOSA and RLEIA to receive the appropriate identification and qualification cards without delay.

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